Mission Statement

mission statement

Hello and welcome to EROS Magazine! Before you start perusing our pages, we’d like you to take a second and let us tell you a little bit about why we decided to make the magazine.
Here at EROS Magazine, we seek to explore contemporary erotica tropes and to educate a younger or less experienced audience on the motivation behind erotica and, exactly, how it can influence their lives in both positive and negative ways. This includes analytical and introspective articles on the tropes and themes featured each month, as well as an open ask box and forum to discuss topics that may not be readily available or commonly discussed offline.
We’ve also decided on a more contemporary approach in order to reach our intended audience. What this means, is that we center the magazine’s erotic content around a specific fandom by publishing snippets of its online erotica. These snippets and illustrations are mainly taken from writers and artists on AO3[1] and tumblr.com, from whom we’ve gotten permission to promote their work.
Because our main content features fictional erotica, we’d like to make one, final thing clear before you move onto the more interesting interior. There is a very large difference between fantasy and reality. Where things such as consent and age limits are hard barriers in real life, in a fantasy environment—where it is not harming anyone—anything is possible and will potentially be featured and explored in this magazine. If you enjoy this type of erotica (that features real life taboos and/or illegal actions) know that it does not reflect on you as a person.   It is OK to find something arousing in a fantasy situation so long as you acknowledge the complications and illegality of said actions if you were to do them in real life.
We at EROS Magazine thank you for reading our Mission Statement and hope that you enjoy the rest of the magazine!