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What is M-Preg?

Mpreg is the acronym for male pregnancy. It is a plot device where males, usually homosexual and cis, can be impregnated by their partners. Many examples of it can be found in actual television shows like Star Trek: Enterprise, Farscape, and Alien Nation.[1] In these particular cases, mpreg is usually explained away through ‘alien biology’ or the use of futuristic technology. However, in fanfiction, there are many different explanations used for the occurrence of mpreg (including the ever popular ‘it’s just a thing that happens’). Medical experimentation, magic, or the existence of an Alternate Universe, are the most common explanations used. Recently, the Alternate Universe explanation has given way to the Omegaverse and its A/B/O hierarchy where male pregnancy can occur through Omega and/or Beta males.

The oldest mention of mpreg I could find was from 1998 in Life with Ashes, an X Files “multi-part slash Post Apocalyptic AU Mpreg novel” written by Jo B.[2] However, despite the fact that many fandoms now have mpreg as a subgenre, (from Star Trek to Harry Potter to Naruto) the idea of mpreg is still considered an unnatural thing by society and even by many of those people in said fandoms. However, there’s also a large percentage of fans who find mpreg both intriguing and arousing. Though some many question what is arousing about mpreg, for those who do find it arousing, there are several reasons for why that is.

In my research I’ve found that it is mostly females who find the concept of mpreg arousing, though there are many males who find it arousing as well. For the females, it can be a way to transfer the responsibility of childbearing to the men, or at least share the experience of it with their partner through the fictional characters.[3] There is also a ton of care and affection that comes with being pregnant. The impregnated individual has a different diet, must take supplements, may form cravings, and when they grow even larger in size, the partner would be extra careful with their loved one. They would treat them with extra love and attention, as a response to the knowledge that they are carrying their child. Even if the young females who write the fanfiction haven't experienced pregnancy themselves, they might crave that extra attention and love that comes with being pregnant.

For the males, the very personal experience of carrying a child is something that men are separate from. They can't truly know how it feels because biology makes it impossible for them to be impregnated. Even the thought of being impregnated could be sexually desirable, because they are sharing this experience. Pregnancy is romanticized as a bonding experience.[4] Couples would grow closer because of the pregnancy and their relationship would strengthen.

As said above, most people are turned off by the idea of mpreg because it is considered an unnatural concept. Biology prevents men from getting pregnant and society as a whole considers females the only ones who should get pregnant. The idea of a man being pregnant could be repulsive. When women are pregnant, they are congratulated and said they have a ‘glow’ but if pregnancy ever occurred in a male body, it would be considered disgusting because of it's impossibility and societal taboo.

It isn't unnatural to consider mpreg as gross or not sexy at all. Biology has shown us that male pregnancy isn't possible and culture has ingrained in us that male pregnancy isn't something that should be desirable. Many kinksters have even felt a bit of disgust at themselves for considering mpreg to be arousing, until they found a safe space for themselves to explore their kink[5]. To consider mpreg as sexually arousing isn't strange either, even if there is no reason for it. Kinks aren't always easy to explain and mpreg is one of those that can't be easily put into a box.

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